EarthNest Institute


Awaken Ecological Intelligence & Wisdom

Our mission is to awaken and nurture ecological intelligence and wisdom

through explorations in
      and systems thinking

and to become agents of change toward a humane, diverse, and sustainable society.
  • NATURE - By taking time to experience the beauty all around us, to value, learn from, and take care of the simple and natural things in our environment.

  • SCIENCE - By using our minds to try to better understand the history of the natural world and how it works.  

  • SPIRIT - By recovering our sense of the sacred, rejecting and totally overcoming today's push toward laziness, vulgarity & greed - Art, Music, Song, Dance, Prayer, Meditation - all joyful celebrations of being alive.

  • SYSTEMS THINKING - By tapping into the energy of our interconnectedness, replacing blame, conflict and hopelessness with a whole community's imagination, talent and good energy.

Becoming Agents of Change

Power is not something that those in power hold over us.

We claim power when we improve the fragile relationship between those in power and the rest of us.

True Power happens when we work together to make good things happen.




Communicating knowledge of our world's fragile & interconnected  systems through technolgy & the natural sciences

Connecting Costilla County's  young people to an intimate and communal sense of place through nature's lessons

Bridging differences in a peaceful way by linking soil, soul and celebration through the arts